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Consider companion cropping to aid OSR establishment and unlock SFI payments

Winter oilseed rape growers in England should consider the benefits of using a companion crop to aid crop establishment; not just to limit cabbage stem flea beetle (CSFB) damage, but also to unlock the Government’s new Sustainable Farming Incentive (SFI) payment. That is the advice from Mike Thornton, head of crop production for...

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Diversify grassland swards at reseeding to offset N & boost DM

Trials carried out by ProCam’s Field Options division have shown that introducing clover and herbs at reseeding not only reduces the need for purchased fertiliser, but also gives grassland swards a useful boost in dry matter yield. The same study has also shown that including herbage seeds can improve the drought tolerance of...

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Timely launch of new service to make sense of soil science

A new soil analysis and nutrient planning service, designed to help farmers gain a deeper understanding of their soil and take practical steps towards protecting and improving this key asset, is now available.

Known as SoilSense, the launch of this service from ProCam is particularly timely as farmers look to respond to changing...

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New grass guide offers useful forage planning advice and more

Field Options has published the 2023 edition of its grass, clover and forage crop guide which, in addition to providing full details of the company’s cover crops, forage crops and specialist grass, clover and herbage seed mixtures, also contains useful agronomic and forage planning advice.

The new publication also contains details...

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