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ProCam 4Cast is a unique system developed in 1994 for collecting real world crop production and agronomy data. Updated every year with the latest customer results, ProCam 4Cast works by analysing over 20 years of knowledge and interpreting it in many different ways.

For example, it can be used to identify national trends and regional variations as well as allowing ProCam agronomists to make specific recommendations designed to achieve the best outcomes for individual growers. Unlike conventional trials-based research programmes, which we also have a significant investment in, ProCam 4Cast is based on real world performance of varieties and inputs at farm level in all manner of growing conditions across many years. The data typically covers soil type, region, cultivation, rotation, crop type, drilling date, fertiliser, crop protection inputs and nutrient use.

Using this information, ProCam agronomists can identify benchmarks of what can potentially be achieved in individual enterprises, from both production and financial points of view, and base their agronomy recommendations on these accordingly. It is in effect an ‘outdoor laboratory’ of arable science and one of the main factors behind why our customers consistently achieve higher yields than the defra national average.

“ProCam 4Cast is an invaluable resource and one which is really coming into its own in light of the challenges all growers face in the future. In the years ahead 4Cast will be further enhanced by information generated by the company’s step up in research investment. We’re now actively looking at key subjects such as how to improve rooting performance, fungicide and nutrition interactions, getting more from spring crops, addressing the growing blackgrass problem and best options for future production of wheat. All of these will add to the unique ‘outdoor laboratory’ that ProCam 4Cast effectively is allowing us to give an unparalleled level of technical support to customers in the future.”

John Bianchi
ProCam UK Managing Director


Click here to download the ProCam Autumn 4Cast Analysis 2018.pdf