Performance advantages

Solutions Performance advantages

Over the last 18 years, ProCam customers have consistently achieved yields significantly higher than the Defra national average. ProCam 4Cast analysis for 2017 shows the average winter wheat yield for a ProCam customer was 9.21 t/ha with the company’s top 25% wheat growers achieving 10.43 t/ha. Throughout the previous 18 years, ProCam customers have achieved on average 0.8t/ha more than the Defra national average with the company’s top 25% producing over 2.0 t/ha more. Average gross margin for ProCam winter wheat growers in 2017 was £775.52 with the top 25% achieving an average gross margin of £1010.65.

When it comes to oilseed rape, the DEFRA national average yield for the last 18 years has been around 3.3 t/ha whilst the ProCam average yield for the same period is 3.5 t/ha – 0.2 t/ha above the national Defra average. The top 25% of ProCam oilseed rape growers for the period returned an average yield of 4.35 t/ha which is 1.0 t/ha more per hectare compared to the Defra national average.

“Remember, it wasn’t that long ago that the yields and margins outlined above were aspirational targets for only the very best growers on the very best soils. ProCam 4Cast shows that despite the challenges we now face, well managed crops with good agronomy programmes can exceed peoples’ expectations consistently – from both yield and financial viewpoints.”

Michael Thornton
ProCam UK Head of Crop Production