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Added reasons not to rush winter cereal drilling this year

It may be tempting to drill winter cereals promptly as soon as conditions allow, but there are multiple reasons not to drill too early this season if you have grass weeds, says Paul Gruber, regional technical manager for agronomy firm, ProCam.

1. High black-grass seed dormancy

High dormancy in black-grass seed shed this summer,...

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Watch for slug attacks after wet weather, farmers urged

Watch out for a resurgence of slugs in farm crops over coming weeks after recent wetter weather, says James Collingwood, commercial business manager for agronomy firm ProCam.

Be aware also that successful slug control may look different if switching to alternative slug pellets, now that metaldehyde is in its phase-out period, he... Read More

Maintain disease vigilance to point of carrot harvest

Carrot growers must stay on top of foliar diseases right up until the point of harvest, with fungicides that boast a short harvest interval useful in ensuring crop yield and quality aren’t jeopardised in the final weeks of the season. That is according to ProCam agronomist, John Cairns, who also recommends the use of fungicides with...

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Despite the loss of several key herbicides in recent years, leek growers can still achieve effective weed control by using a combination of the remaining active ingredients, with the addition of aclonifen to tank mixes ensuring the full spectrum of annual broad-leaved weeds are accounted for.

That is according to ProCam agronomist,...

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