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Newly drilled sugar beet could have its yield potential increased significantly by applying a new growth stimulant that supplies a crop-specific formulation of beneficial soil bacteria, according to leading plant research company PlantWorks Ltd and agronomy specialists ProCam.

Applied through standard crop spraying equipment, the...

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Focus on agronomy to get most from spring barley

Prospects for good margins from spring barley mean growers mustn’t neglect two of the most important aspects of the crop’s agronomy needed for good yields and quality this season, a leading agronomist is urging.

According to Alistair Gordon, Regional Technical Manager for agronomy firm ProCam, good crop nutrition to ensure growth...

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ProCam trials shed new light on potential to boost sugar beet yield

Sugar beet growers looking to capitalise on the crop’s strong income potential by raising yields could make substantial gains by boosting leaf development with a combined early-season nutrition and plant growth stimulant programme, new trial findings by agronomy firm ProCam suggest.

According to ProCam technical director, Dr Tudor...

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T0 can be make or break timing for disease

T0 can be a make or break timing for protecting winter wheat’s yield potential against disease, says ProCam’s Head of Crop Production, Nick Myers.

Shifts in yellow rust races, plus heightened difficulties controlling Septoria tritici once established, have brought added weight to the argument for T0 fungicides, says Nick...

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