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The world of growing crops is changing. Increasing diversification, the three crop rule, growing environmental legislation, new emerging technologies – all are remapping the way growers will run their operations in the future.

At ProCam we are very much focused on helping our customers achieve real world gains from working with us and to continue to do this we are committed to bringing different technologies and services together to complement and strengthen our Agronomy that Delivers™ promise.

As well as providing the most up to date arable production advice and the best crop protection inputs, we can now integrate these with:

  • Seeds and traits
  • Micronutrients
  • Biological products


Data from ProCam 4Cast, findings from our trials and research program and bigger picture issues from the wider agricultural industry environment are combined to inform the technical council and allow it to identify the trends and drivers shaping future production. The Council then develops best practice options for future production and feeds these into the various crop production units.

Working through ProCam’s national agronomy team, the crop production units develop and provide an integrated range of technical options, products and solutions designed to increase grower efficiency with the aim of reducing costs/tonne of production. Knowledge gained from the success of our customers, the ongoing collection of data through ProCam 4Cast and the results from our trials and research program are fed back to the technical council.

This allows our overall crop production approach to be constantly refined and developed so we can ensure our customers continue to receive the best products, services and production benefits possible from the relationship with their ProCam agronomist.