Technical Council

Knowledge Technical Council

ProCam’s Technical Council is a team of respected specialists covering a range of crop production topics with the focus on developing production approaches that provide the lowest cost per tonne solutions for growers. The technical council is led by ProCam UK Head of Crop Production Michael Thornton with Paul Gruber representing the South and West, Nigel Scott the North and Alistair Gordon Scotland.

A key part of the council’s role is to develop ProCam’s strategic approach together with forging a coherent approach to trials and demonstration sites across the UK and how these can be used internally and externally for technical training and communication. ProCam seed manager Lee Harker is also on board to help the council identify opportunities with new varieties and approaches. Rutherford’s agronomist Richard Harding brings a specialist focus on soil and cover crops to the council’s development work. Rebecca Tunnicliffe is ProCam’s Trials Officer and also actively participates on the Technical Council.

Fundamentally, the Technical Council has the responsibility of combining data from ProCam 4Cast, findings from our trials and research program and bigger picture issues from the wider agricultural industry environment, to identify trends and drivers that will shape future production strategy. The council then develops best practice options for future production and feeds these into the various crop production units and agronomy teams so they can deliver the best possible advice and recommendations for customers.