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Ryegrass blends offer cost-effective bare soils solution

Sowing a high performance ryegrass catch crop this spring could offer a flexible low risk solution for farmers with bare ground following aborted autumn drilling.

Specialist catch crop mixtures tested in Field Options’ trials programme at Harper Adams University (HAU) have the potential to produce more than 10tDM/ha in the season...

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Restricted roots set to put wheat on the back foot

Restricted growth of vital moisture and nutrient-absorbing roots could cause serious setbacks in winter wheat crops this season, unless steps are taken to remedy the problem, says ProCam regional technical manager, Nigel Scott.

But while limited root growth is no surprise in late-planted fields, because crops have had less time to...

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Top tips when ‘over-yearing’ winter seed

Cereal growers having to carry over unused winter cereal seed from this season’s washout winter into next season must take adequate steps to protect its viability, says ProCam seed manager, Lee Harker.

If not, then losses could occur during storage, he says, and its germination in autumn 2020 could suffer, leading to potential yield...

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Rescue mission needed for UK’s backward cereal crops

Backward and slow-emerging winter cereal crops produced by late drilling will need careful nurturing through winter to minimise any further growth setbacks and set them up properly for spring, says leading agronomy firm, ProCam.

According to ProCam agronomist, Tom Smith, winter cereal plantings are down by as much as 90% in parts of...

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