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Regional planning to get crops on track

After the wet autumn brought havoc to winter crops in many regions, how does agronomy need adapting? ProCam agronomists around the country offer guidance.

With only 25% of winter wheat and barley drilled in North West England, and some crops borderline whether they are worth keeping, some critical field-by-field decisions will be...

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Nitrogen efficiency solutions on trial

With other reasons, besides cost, for incorporating alternatives to bagged nitrogen into fertiliser programmes, ProCam trials have put a number of options to the test.

Granular nitrogen (N) prices may have fallen back from their 2021/22 highs, but the aftershock has left a legacy of farmers wanting to use N more efficiently, believes...

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Blackgrass Management – Tips

With blackgrass levels soaring this summer after early drilling, ProCam agronomist Gary Webster says it is now crunch time to employ all available techniques to bring numbers back down.

Mr Webster said: “Last season presented a perfect storm. Little control was achieved in stale seedbeds. Crops were drilled early. Then, with the...

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