Unleashing farms’ potential through enhanced rotations

Unleashing farms’ potential through enhanced rotations5 November 2018

Soil health and its importance to the future of UK farming will be a central theme of ProCam’s LAMMA exhibit, with innovative displays being used to demonstrate root as well as foliar growth characteristics of a wide range of crop types.

The company will invite farmers to challenge conventional approaches to arable cropping and investigate the advantages of integrating alternatives such as cover crops, green manures and livestock into future rotations.

For the first time at LAMMA, ProCam will bring forward the expertise of forage crop specialists Field Options, following their acquisition of this business in 2017, to highlight the opportunities to bring arable and forage crops together to enhance crop rotations.

“We want farmers to embrace change that will unleash the full potential of their land,” says Field Options director Francis Dunne. “In many cases this will mean a move away from conventional rotations and the introduction of different crop types that will help to build soil fertility, improve soil structure and restore beneficial soil biology.

“We’ll be highlighting a range of different approaches, covering innovations such as co-cropping, for example, and introducing new mixtures suitable as short-term green manures or overwinter cover crops.”

ProCam agronomists will provide expertise on the LAMMA stand alongside forage crop specialists from Field Options, offering farmers who visit fresh ideas and fully integrated solutions.