New grass guide offers useful forage planning advice and more

New grass guide offers useful forage planning advice and more4 April 2023

Field Options has published the 2023 edition of its grass, clover and forage crop guide which, in addition to providing full details of the company’s cover crops, forage crops and specialist grass, clover and herbage seed mixtures, also contains useful agronomic and forage planning advice.

The new publication also contains details of the company’s specialist fertilisers and silage inoculants along with guidance for how and when these products should be used.

“With farm margins continuing to be squeezed by high input costs, livestock farmers need to do all they can to maximise production from homegrown forage,” explains Simon Montgomery, Technical Team Lead at Field Options. “One of the most effective ways of achieving this is to rejuvenate existing grassland leys and, where applicable, to introduce new crops to offset bought-in feed and fertiliser costs.

“The 2023 edition of our Grass, Clover and Forage Crop Guide therefore contains plenty of useful information to help dairy, beef and sheep farmers improve their production efficiencies by maximising the value of grazing and cutting leys and forage crops, especially in terms of cost per megajoule of energy. It also contains a lot of useful forage planning information and crop establishment advice to ensure growers get the best results from reseeding.”

The new guide also provides advice on pest control, weed control and soil health, as well as the latest results from Field Options’ extensive grass and clover mixture trials. “It also contains findings from our independent programme of maize, fodder beet and cover crop trials, all of which are carried out so that we can recommend proven products to give greater assurance of performance to customers,” Simon adds.

The 2023 Grass, Clover and Forage Crop Guide can be viewed and downloaded for free at  More information and advice is also available by contacting Field Options on 01544 262500 or via email at