Dr Tudor Dawkins

Dr Tudor DawkinsTechnical Director

Tudor Dawkins heads up the team responsible for looking after all ProCam customers’ and agronomists’ technical requirements to ensure that what we offer is scientifically robust and sound. With a career spanning lecturing, practical agronomy and research science as well as considerable experience working in agrochemical manufacturing and distribution companies, Tudor joined ProCam in 2014.

Of particular interest to him when making the decision to join was ProCam 4Cast, he recalls. “ProCam 4Cast is like a great outdoor laboratory which truly embraces the ‘Big Data’ concept. ProCam agronomists are committed to delivering the best solution for their customers and are knowledgeable across a very wide range of topics and the results they achieve show through in the ProCam 4Cast results. “ProCam advised growers have consistently achieved an averge 0.8t/ha above the Defra national average wheat yield over the last 15 years. Our top 25% achieve an average 2.2 t/ha above the Defra average.”

Although there are considerable challenges facing UK agricuture, ProCam is well equipped with the necessary tools, knowledge and solutions to provide successful outcomes for its customers in the future, he believes. “We are committed to staying at the leading edge of technology but also to remembering the basics on which our very successful business has been built.”