Mike Thornton


Mike joined ProCam over 2 years ago, working as a Seeds & Traits Technical Manager and Agronomist. Now Head of Crop Production within the UK senior technical team nationally, he is still working as an Agronomist in Sussex.

“I think our strongest USP is ProCam 4Cast — it allows us to interrogate the variables behind a yield figure to see what has a positive or negative effect on that yield. As we have circa 20 years of data to call on, amounting to many millions of hectares across the country we can have confidence that the conclusions drawn are valid.”

Mike is convinced that customers can be confident in the use of ProCam 4Cast; that recommendations are bespoke to their situation. This is borne out by the fact that the top 25% of winter wheat crops in ProCam 4Cast average more than 2t/ha above the DEFRA average.

“At ProCam we treat people as individuals and tailor training to promote each individual’s strengths. In addition, ProCam offers a technically focused ethic to crop production which can help further expansion in the seed sector.”

Outside of ProCam, Mike is a keen runner.