High dry matter fodder beet available in limited quantities in maiden year

High dry matter fodder beet available in limited quantities in maiden year16 February 2022

Field Options, the forage and fodder crops seeds division of ProCam, has announced that a limited quantity of the newly listed fodder beet variety, Goldimo, will be available for the spring 2022 drilling season.

Goldimo, a new fodder beet variety from KWS Momont, which also bred popular varieties Geronimo and Lactimo, was added to the UK’s National List in mid-February and features four key advantages: excellent establishment vigour, a high dry matter yield, uniformly-sized and smooth-skinned roots for easy lifting, and good all-round disease resistance.

Offical National Listing figures show Goldimo to have a fresh root yield which is 9.0 t/ha higher than the mean of control varieties and a dry matter yield that is 2.4 t/ha higher than the mean of control varieties at a dry matter content of 18.7%.

Francis Dunne, director of Field Options, which will be marketing Goldimo in the UK, commented: “Field trials carried out by ourselves have shown that Goldimo has very good seedling vigour and consistently produces high yields of uniform pink roots which have a smooth skin for cleaner lifting. Goldimo is therefore the ideal lifting variety for livestock farmers who want to move their fodder beet’s yield and productivity to the next level.”

Goldimo also displays good establishment vigour and very low bolting risk as well as robust all-round disease resistance. “Goldimo is also Rhizomania tolerant,” Francis adds. “And at over 18% dry matter it will have good storage qualities, with its uniform root size, of which about 75% sits in the ground, making it very well adapted to lifting with all beet harvesters.”

As with most newly released varieties, seed volumes in Goldimo’s first commercial year are limited and expected to sell out in quick order. “Anyone wanting to include the latest high-yielding variety in their 2022 cropping calendar should therefore act soon to secure their order,” Francis concludes.

For more information about Goldimo, contact Field Options on 01544 262500 or via email at info@field-options.co.uk