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Use cultural methods to underpin blackgrass control, Midlands growers urged

Arable farmers will need to consider all methods to fight back against blackgrass, after poor control last season, say ProCam agronomists in the Midlands. According to ProCam agronomists Alex Miles, who advises growers in and around Nottinghamshire, and Neil Woolliscroft, who advises growers in and around Northamptonshire, blackgrass...

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Farmers must stay a step ahead when planting oilseed fields

Arable farmers in the region could turn away from growing bright yellow fields of oilseed rape unless an alternative way of dealing with one of the crop’s major pest problems is found, says a Suffolk-based advisor. According to Drummond Scrase of ProCam, cabbage stem flea beetle, which feeds on young oilseed rape plants leaving them...

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Five practical pointers to stack the odds against blackgrass

Regardless of your proposed herbicide regime over the coming year, five key practical priorities will help you win the war against blackgrass, says ProCam’s technical Director Dr. Tudor Dawkins.

Blackgrass is favoured by wet soil conditions so checking drainage is an essential first step in controlling the weed....

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ProCam research is suggesting new generation micronutrition products could have a vital role to play in making existing fungicide chemistry more effective, visitors to the company’s recent Trials Open Days learned. Integrating existing fungicide technology with specific trace element treatments can add up to 1.2 t/ha to the final...

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